screen and speaker

Hi my mobile speaker and screen has been damage so pls suggest me what I do so pls send me any complaint no of tvc sky shop nuclear sx now my address mtps Mejia dvc durlavpur distt- bankura aand home address - mathura up

Complaint against Macons Equipment Pvt. Ltd

We R.K.Construction, Durgapur-12 are a construction company. We purchase 2no MST2 (Self loading concrete mixer) from Macons Equipment Pvt. Ltd, Ahamedabad. They are saying the mixer carry 2m3 concrete but we get 1.5m3. After delivery the machine have battery charging problem, poor break system, concrete discharging problem etc. Last day we do our schedule construction work the machine stop without any problem, and two place where the materials discharge are broke badly. In a two days if the machine performing such condition how long they work?

Lost of my 29 inch LG colour tv picture tube

I have to purchese 29 inch LG colour tv in 2007 but service centre refuse to change my tv picture tube service certre sent the sms of my mobile number discontinued part your service request is closed my service request no-RNA131028092374

Cable Line Provider is harrassing by bad service

1) The cable line provider reduces 20 channels in our locality.
2) He is not ready to reduce the monthly payment of cable network.
3)The cable line sevice is very bad.Most of the time cable line remains off.
4) If we complain to local cable distributor,they threates directy to disconnect the cable line.Behaviour is very rude to the consumrs.

Cheated about 100 or above candidates in the name of tele-calling job

30 candidates joined Brightcareerway.com [City Centre, Durgapur-16, West Bengal, India( head office in Kolkata,near Indrapuri Studio,Tallygunj)] as tele-callers by depositing 5,200 INR, with the expectation that the money is refundable after three months, but after a fortnight, we came to know that the director of this cheating company, the so called Mr. Basant Tewary fled away with lacs of money. All the hopes and dreams of the employees got shattered. According to the HR and the receptionist-cum-co-ordinator, the local police denied to interfere in this matter.

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