hanging problem

I have datawind 7cz tablet that purchased about all time Hanging problem ago from stare cj again & working properly so request pls replace itor repirsit im Jalam sindha mo-8238380081

My Datswind tablate 7cz not working properly.

I have a datawind tablet that I purchased about three months ago from Stare cj .My tablet is hanging again & again and not working properly.So, I request you pls. replace it or repairs it.

Ajit Kumar


I am purches datawind tablet model is UBISLATE 7CZ Few month (2 month) ago but tuch screen not working

properly so i want meet ur customer care centre
send me ur Ahmedabad - Gujarat address and phone no.

battert discharged

Dear friends Datawind company is a cheat fund company because I am purchased uvisalte 7 c+ last Feb 2014 but still company is dead efforts.



provide a password

sir my akash tablet is not open properly because the tablet ask the password and we not know the password so I request to you that provide a password to reopen my tab
actually my cousin brother type a wrong password and the tablet lock permanently and we open the tab it take a email address and password and then we write a email address and password then it show that it is a wrong password and try again later so plz help me to open my tablet ThanQ

can i attach a 3g dongle in datawind 7c+ tab

i have a data wing 7c+ tablet can i attach a 3g dongle in this tablet

touch screen

My tablet screen is damaged so pleas give us how much cost ya service srenter phone number

datawind tablet creating probleb


sir i have a data wind ubislate 7 c+ it has been started to giving a problem
that it is unable to read my memory card (SD Card )
i want to know where can i show this tablet to repair there are no datawind care in bhilwara rajasthan


datawind ubislate given for repairs within warranty. More than one month no reply.

Stok room for 3g7

I have a tab datawind 3g7 !! ist Stok room is povlam. I want a new stok room this tab. whare are datawind sarvice center.? plz help me.

For 3g internet problem

Helo sir,
i purchased ubislate7c+ tablet of datawind. i want to use 3g internet forthat i purchased micromax 3g datacard, but that is not recognised in my tablet. so plz sir u tell me what i do.

about service center in faridabad

respected sir

please send the detail of service center if datawind aakash tablet in faridabad

DATAWIND is fraud and cheater company

Sim Slot Not Working/ Broken
IMEI No: 911303701818656
IS-13252(part I):2010,R-4103842
Sim Card Network Error, Network not detected. try many sim card but not detecting any network. There is also problem while inserting and removing SIM cards. Its face while insert or remove sim card from Sim slot.
Also, through 3G donlgle not detected wifi.
Please resolve this issue as soon as possible and replace this item with newer cause issue start its not completely one month finish from buy.
This is worst thing I ever had buy.
Ticket genertaed:

key bord not working.

dear sir
my tablet is c7+. I show a repeating massege on the screen is " unfortunately,Android keyboard has stopped". so pls tell me its solution.


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