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Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitaran Nigam (DHBVN) is a power utility envelope in distribution of power to southern Haryana (Bhiwani, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Hisar, Narnaul, Sirsa). It came in existence in 1999. Main objective of DHBVN is to gain, establish, construct and operate extra high voltage, lines and associated sub stations.The capital expenditure incurred by DHBVN in 2006-07 was around Rs. 254 crores and in 2009-10 it was about Rs. 707 crores. the 11th five year distribution expansion plan of the company is about Rs. 3514 crores.

Southern Haryana residential can check their payment status, electricity bills status and even also pay bill via online.Funding agreement are made from Banks and Financial operations.

mera k number kya hai

Kalia wali tanki vpo jaurasi tauru mewat

Yaha par pichle 2 sal s light nahi aati 10 min s jyada har 1 mahine m transfarmor jal jata hai apne convenos par lana padta hai 4 tubwell iss tranfarmor par chlta hai sdo je koi sunvai nahi karta hai

Electricity bill

My electricity bill is very high from last 3 months , my electricity bill is about 3500- 4000, but my before bill 1000 to 1100 , please solve my problem quickly


DHBVN online payment system sucks..not working again....what to say...seems Indian Govt now even cant run website properly....poor state of affair,


DHBVN site not working, gurgaon office people on strike

I use to pay my electricity bill online but this due to the website being down iwas not able to pay the bill, after searching the office when i reached to the office there the computers in the office were also not working and even the staff responsible for billing and payment was on strike. And no one even picks up the phone there so that it can be checked whether they are working or not

Tube well connection is not provided after submitting total amount Rs-72000/-

I had requested for the tubewell connection and also submit security amount Rs. 22450/- at 20 may, 2010. Then i recived a demand notice for connection in september 2011 and for that I submitted Rs- 49000 at 26 sept.,2011.
But i had not been provided any tubewell connection till now.
There are 90 more connections like this for which consumer payed the amount but not provided their tubewell connection.
Sir, you are requested to solve my problem.
I shall be very thankful to you for this.

Bribe demand by DHBVN JE

DHBVN staff thinks all industrialist are thief. They think we are all at their mercy.
They want monthly bribe from industry in Faridabad. JE and lineman threaten with disconnection if bribe not given. SE also does not help...
Govt should privatise DHBVN immediately

No electricity Connection since 8 months

Dear Sir, I have built my house in Greenfield Colony, Faridabad. This is an
authorised colony and I have got all the approvals from the concerned
authority. But "Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Limited" a government
owned Entity is not providing Electricity Connection. They are not
accepting our file for connection either. They say that there are some
dues pending towards "Urban Improvement Company Ltd" (the a government
owned company which maintains the colony). The officials of Urban

Checking details of new meter with meter no: 4579612

Please confirm the authentication of the installed meter number-4579612 with load capacity & in whose name & address.

Reporting Electricity Robbery in Mewat

मैं पुन्हाना मेवात का रहने वाला हु . मेरे पुन्हाना मैं गैर कानूनी तरीके से बिजली का इस्तेमाल हो रहा ह .
एक एक घर के लिए दो दो ट्रांसफार्मर रखे ह . और उन घरो मे चोरी से 10 10 AC चलते ह . शहर मे लाइट धिम आती ह लेकिन उन के घर मे ट्रांसफार्मर चलते हैं.
पुन्हाने का कुछ dhbvn का स्टाफ भी मिला हुआ है . उन का नाम है हाजी सद्दीक और हाजी अभ्रहीम . ये लोग बिजली को गैर कानूनी तरीके से कर रहे ह .
आप चाहे तो मोके पर आकर देख सकते ह
add. ward no. 9 meo mohalla (punhana) mewat

I want to get Electricity phase Changed


I stay in south city 1(Q Block). My electricity phase fluctuates a lot and I want to get it changed. Please help.

Pratik Jain

Cutting of tree branch coming on electric wires

I am a resident of H.No.3492, Sector 23, Gurgaon. In front our house we have a park and branches of the trees are hanging on the electric wires on the road. Whenever there is movement of the branches of the trees due to wind it touches each other and heavy sparking comes out of it. It may cause any accident as there are many cars parked below this electric line and also little children play over there. We have requested so many time to the concerned foreman who told us that he will look into the matter. But even after 8-10 days not body has come.

How can we increase our electric connection load?

In our electric bill, our electric connection load is defined as 2kw, today some electric department persons came & check the load by seeing various electric home appliances & told that you will use 2.75kw.
We told him that we were not use all electric appliances at a time, like we use Washing Machine once in a week(Sunday), also if we use Air Cooler we didn't use Fans. Also we told him that we paid all electric Bills on time, it doesn't matter how much it was. So, please guide us about the electric connection load, as how we increase in our documents, if it is illegal?

I want to disconnect the electric connection on line, how it is possible.

I have sell my home addressed , 25/5, shiv enclave, Ishmile pur, Faridabad. My Meter act. no. is TD 11-2799, K NO. 2212048480, Sub- div. F 13/Mathura Road. My last electricity bill amount is Rs.1840 . I want to re cover this amount in security deposit and disconnect it forever.

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