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IFB is a market leaders in the home and kitchen appliances brands in India. It engaged on several home and kitchen appliances brands such as washing machines, clothes dryer, microwave oven, dishwashers and more. washing machine is a machine to wash laundry, such as towels,clothing and sheets.

IFB activity and aimed is a continual improvement on environmental performance and process. you can buy high specification product from IFB home appliance.

DIshwasher Stand Issue

As part of the bill, a stand for the dishwasher was also added. However, when the technician brought the stand, it was smaller in size.

The technician insisted that I take it and use for my Samsung Washing Machine.

Now, I see that the stand does not properly fit my washing machine also.

When we asked the technician to provide the correct size stand for my dishwasher, he denies to replace it.

This is not fair. It is the technicians mistake of bringing a smaller stand

The guy who the sold the dishwasher is not responding to any of my calls.



Adhesives not working properly/water connection fix

I VeerendraKumar.M registered a complaint with IFB customer care on 22nd Jun 2015 with reference no.15814990. The issue is that adhesives are not working properly and also to fix water connection supply to washing machine. But the request was closed on 23rd Jun 2015 without resolving the issue. I have replied back to SMS received that issue is not resolved and incidence E75195 was raised to Escalation channel system. But no response received regarding the same. I have one more complaint regarding the same issue and received reference no. 15832045 on 24th Jun 2015.

IFB - Worst customer service

Hi this is ramkumar from chennai. Mobile no : 9962163008
1. I have Ifb digital 5.5 kg washing machine.
2. Under AMC.
3. It's drum got bend and sounding abnormally.
4. Water drips down from the bottom of the washing machine.
5. Machine stops at the mid May be pcb board issue
6. I have already registered a complaint before a couple of weeks
7. No body turned back
8. People please don't buy Ifb products worst customer service.
9. Chennai area head switches off the mobile when we try to call

IFB Dishwasher Complaint

I had raised a complaint with IFB customer care(15474356,15474358) for my dishwasher Neptune DX on 4 May 2015. We received any kind of support only on 9 May night after repeated calls throughout the day to many contact numbers given by the customer care.


I have registered a complaint on 18th of April , complaint no 15356732 . Almost one month now , none of the technician has visited my house or called me. I am calling the customer care on a daily basis , they promise to fix it soon, but nothing happened . They closed the ticket without solving the issue . I came to know that they closed the ticket and registered a new complaint . Today they closed that too and registered another one . What a pathetic service ?????

IFB Smart Washing Machine

I recently bought a smart front load washing machine from IFB. This washing machine is just amazing. It has a very good design, removes pet hair and saves water. I am very happy with this product and I recommend it to everyone.
Check out their new smart washing machine http://www.ifbappliances.com/laundry/smart-loading-washing-machine.html

IFB Washing Machine Ticket # 15467284 without resolving changed status as resolved

IFB Ticket # 15467284 without resolving changed status as resolved

This ticket was raised on 5/May/2015 Monday and after several calls to your service provider andcustomer care a person came on Saturday 10/May/2015, and informed me that a part need to be replaced and will be done by Monday 11/May/2015.
Mr Ragavendra carrying mobile 9066490149 attended this. And he told his manager is Dhanjaya with mobile # 9731670387.

Miss Rajewswari of KBS was service provided.

Defective IFB Microwave Oven

We have purchased an IFB Microwave Oven 20BC4 on 21.2.15. One technician came for installation next day (22.2.15). He tried to install and he told us that this is a new machine and I do not know the features, I will send another person tomorrow. Next day nobody came. As we are working we requested them to come at 7.0 clock. After so many requests one technician came on 3.3.15 and he told that the machine is damaged and it is not working. He told the Service Center to replace the machine. They told us that it will be replaced within 4 working days.

IFB customer care Harassment of senior citizen consumers: TICKET # 14196282

Dear Sir,

This is regarding a case which is almost 40 days old - Ticket # 14196282 - EVA SX Front Load Washing Machine.
My parents are senior citizens and we have contacted your customer care & service center almost 40 times - but, with no resolution.
Every time we contact your customer care, we get the same response - 'Let me get back to you after contacting the service center.'

At this point of time we have run out of ideas and recourse and are seriously considering a legal action against IFB India.


How can i registered for a warranty?


I had purchased a IFB20SC2 20-Litre convection Microwave Oven Dated 14 oct.2014. form B.P.Enterprises. Order ID no. 402-7118502-2349961. Kindly registered this Microwave oven for a waaranty of 3 yrs. If possible kindly arrange for demo.

Thanks with regards
Uday Kumar Sinha
Jamshedpur (Jharkhand)

refrigerator not going on power saving mode

i have purchased ifb refrigerator modle no.ref #RFFT446-EDWDLS sr. no 15076130219003455 invoice no. 3720001227 dated 8/11/2013 my refrigerator is not going to power saving mode after power failure i request to ifb service team pl rectify / replace refrigerator this problem.

Horrible Quality of support service - IFB Washing machine

I would like to draw your attention to the kind of service i have received from IFB India authorized service provider Perfect Cool Services(PCS) in Mumbai while addressing complaint registered for my IFB washing machine. In no terms can i term it as satisfactory or worthy of superior product quality claimed by IFB.

microwave oven is not working

I have microwave oven purchased in april 2013..which is not working since last 6 days......


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