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Markers Chambers IV, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400021, India.

Reliance Fresh is a part of retail business of reliance industries o f India. The stores are included as vegetables, staples, fresh juice, groceries, bars and dairy products.

The group is mainly involved in oil and gas, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals, textiles, retail, infotel and special economic zones. A reliance fresh store is approximately3000-4000 square feet and caters area about 2-3 km. Reliance retail has entered into alliance with Apple for setting up chain of Apple Specialty Stores branded as iStore starting with Bangalore.

fayol principle in reliance fresh?

what fayol management principles were followed by reliance fresh?

Reliance Fresh Membership card

I wanted to know how to check for the Reliance Fresh Membership card points?

how do i update my information

I was told my date of birth is not on the information and i need to update so i can redeem points

Request for unlocking Reliance One Card

Since the card was lost that's why I had requested your customer care to block my card whose number is 6048631155898920. Now I got back my card so, kindly unlock the card and mail me accordingly.

unavailability of variety of products

This is the complain about the Reliance Fresh outlet, situated at Hiran Magri, Sector-3, Main road,Udaipur(Rajasthan) 313002 and i am the regular customer of that store.Being a big retail store chain of the country, i find that there is no updation of variety of stock in different products which are readily available in the market. Many a time i have complained to the store manager about this issue but no action was taken from their side. Even the normal grocery shopes are more updated in terms of variety of product than that so called big retain outlet branch.

Higher Price Charged

I have purchased one Lehar Soda Bottle of 500ml from reliance fresh. The MRP on this product was Rs. 16 but when i checked in the bill it was charged as 18 rs. When i asked to the guy who billed this, his response was shocking -- he said the computer automatically pics the price and he can not help in this.
Never expected this behavior and such errors from a big group like reliance...
Reliance store address: Khirni Phatak, Jhotwara, Jaipur, Raj.

Wrong Billing amount Charged

I have purchased Basmati Mogra (Tukda) rice from Reliance Market Faridabad. But they billed me for Basmati Dubar rice which is costlier than what I actually purchased. I usually shop from Reliance Market but never cross checked all the prices due to long list. This time I checked the list and found missmatch in rice prices.
I don't know how many times they did to me or other customers.

misbehavior of reliance fresh staff

I purchased some item from reliance fresh store at sector 28, faridabad. The product was charged at an excess price as mentioned at the cutout pasted near product. When I checked my bill after payment, I asked them to take back the product and return the money but they told that they cannot take the product on same day and return the product on next day. I returned the product on next day, where I have purchased other products of same values.

Selling expired products nd refusing to take dem back

I purchased amul cheeze from reliance fresh today in d morning.the billing was done.after a while i searched for d manufacture date on it but i din was behind the slip pasted by reliance people intentionally to hide d manufacture date.i was shocked to see dat it was expired.i immediately asked d billing guy to take it back or change it.he refused to do so.i called there manager.u won't believe what he did..he not ony refused to take it back,he answered very rudely nd said that do whatever u can we will not take it back.i want a strict action to be taken against dis manager otherwise

Misbehave of Reliance fresh Assistance Manager. Technical snags in Reliance online pos

I am shopping from Reliance Fresh for more than 7 years. Today after purchasing, I presented chip enabled credit card for making payment which the billing staff inserted in Reliance online POS where it asked for pin. I told her to swap the card on pos provided by the bank as they are having more than 4 pos provided by HDFC & SBI. She told that my bank provided pos is not working. I said to try with other pos kept at different counters. She called Assistant Store Manager & he simply told that all pos are out of order.


Which principles of management proposed by FAYOL are followed and which are not followed in RELIANCE FRESH?

what are the effects/impacts in the organisation?

reliance fresh corrupted staff.

this complain is for the corruption going on in reliance fresh.
today i visited reliance fresh which is in santoshi vihar bhopal, with pin code 462041.
the manager there and some of the members of the staff are indulged in corruption , they purchases products from offer and then sell it to shopkeepers for double price.
They have setting of it.
today when one product was showing less price on the billing counter,the billing boy immediately told me that you can't buy it because we have to sell it at other price other than the price of billing.

complain for reliance fresh

This is Balaji from Bangalore near by Vidyaranpura . Here Reliance fresh supermarket is near . Normally if I want anything I will purchase there only . Today I purchased choco chip muffin and I had that after that getting loose motion and stomathpain
After that I saw the exp date but it was expd 7 days before
My phone number is -7411757479

Stupid service

On 27/08/2014 I went Reliance Fresh at Ambattur,Chennai stores.
They have the advertisement holder in the entrance of the store. AFter seeing that went inside, I saw same kind of banner was there, Buy 1 Get 2 I bought Basmati rice in that brand. Apart from that i bought vegetables and other things. Before billing I asked the person, whether this is under offer, he said and after he billed the same. Security said, Sir please keep the basket outside the store to take back the things, as there is rush in the store. Due to which I rushed to home.

Access payment charge from my Sbi card

Today ie 14/08/2014 i visit Reliance fresh Vidhyadhar Nagar Jaipur outlet Galaxy Star A-2, central Spine ph no. 01412334836. I purchased 4 body deodrant Park Avenue but i cant understand the bill.... when i ask to the counter person she said " bill m dekh lo samajh ajayega" the way she speak with me it was not upto the mark. I paid with my Sbi card when i got message in my mobile amount has been deduct Rs.553.50 from my card but actual amount was Rs. 552.50. I am trying to call so many times but number is not picking up. Can i register complaint to Consumer forum.


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