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Skullcandy is a Utah based companies that manufacture headphone, earphones, audio backpacks, Mp3 players, hands free devices and other products. It was founded in 2003. Rick Alden had founded Skullcandy with introducing first products the Skullcandy Portable Link. The company gained $1.3 million annual sales in 2005 and hit this limit to $100 million in 2009. Fortune Magazine named it as ‘the world’s coolest ear bud’ in 2008.

Skullcandy is currently involved in supporting non-profit foundation called as ‘Boarding for Breast Cancer’. Skullcandy products are sold through online store, retailers and specialty outlets channel.

Does a skullcandy headphone bought in canada have warrenty in india or not...?

I have a skullcandy headphone which i bought 5 monyhs back from canada.But now the are not working properly so does it come under the skull candy warranty or not.

Please reply asap

Left side earphone does not work

I bought skullcandy jib ear phone from snapdeal in April 2015 and now it's does not work please tell me service center in bhopal madhya pradesh

Replacement of skullcandy earphone

I purchased my skullcandy in ear earphone from one month ago. Since yesterday one of its speaker not producing any sound.. i want replacement of my earphone asap.. plss help me out

one ear only working of my skullcandy earphones

My skull candy green earphones is not working only one ear is working the other one is not working

skullcandy inear headphone not working( one earbud is producing any sound)

my skull candy jib one of the ear buds is not producing sound.please i need a replacement as soon as possible

My skullcandy earphone is not working

I had bought a skullcandy earphone from flipkart on 21-01-2015 and now one of the speaker is not working. Please do the needful.

Not working properly

My skillcandy JIB earphone is not working properly
one of the speaker give too close sound

Need 50% Discount on my next earphone purchase

I Bought my Skullcandy Headphones Uprock 2.5 years back.
i was told that i can claim for 50% discount on my next purchase within 3 years.
Now the one side of my headphones is not working.
When i called for the same to the service centre, they told me that the scheme has been discontinued.
i want that claim which they promised me.

service center problem

Skullcandy Uprock 2.0 S5URFZ-398 On Ear Headphones (Multicolour)

Sub order No. - 6395802220

This product is not working properly. And though it is in warrenty but where to go,no customer care services . If they are charging good sum of money ,then it is there responsibility to provide facilities too!

skullcandy ear headphone is not working

Hi I want to warranty for the product skullcandy ear headphone is not working so plz help me

about the orignality of the product

sir my earphone model no S2IKDY-010 and product id is 878615035676 plz inform me about this product

Skullcandy, earphone Complaint

One side of my headphone stopped working suddenly after 4 months.

Earphones not working

where is skullcandy service centre in PUNE ?

I have purchased skullcandy earphone from & now its not working.
where should i contact?
is there any skullcandy service centre in pune,maharashtra ? please provide me address....

From where should I Replace my Earphones which I had purchased from Flipkart ?

I Buy them From Flipkart ,They damaged in few days only Within 20 days.


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