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Skullcandy is a Utah based companies that manufacture headphone, earphones, audio backpacks, Mp3 players, hands free devices and other products. It was founded in 2003. Rick Alden had founded Skullcandy with introducing first products the Skullcandy Portable Link. The company gained $1.3 million annual sales in 2005 and hit this limit to $100 million in 2009. Fortune Magazine named it as ‘the world’s coolest ear bud’ in 2008.

Skullcandy is currently involved in supporting non-profit foundation called as ‘Boarding for Breast Cancer’. Skullcandy products are sold through online store, retailers and specialty outlets channel.

there is no logo of skullcandy at skullcandy X5SHHZ 849 2xl shakedown headphone???

Is skullcandy X5SHHZ 849 2xl shakedown headphone a original product of skullcandy???there is no logo of skullcandy on this headphone.

My left earphone is not working after 7 months of usage

Left earphone stopped working and I purchased the earphones from Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden. They didn't give me invoice saying this is not needed and earphones can be replaced online if there is any problem.

Asking for why my skullcandy broke down after every one month?

First of all i bought my skullcandy JIB S2-DUDZ 072 from snapdeal in nov 2015 and it broke down in dec 2015. The left side of earphone was not working.No doubt you've replaced it but after it came to me in the end of dec,i have used it for jan 2016 and it again broke down in feb 2016.This time both of the sides of earphones were not working. I considered it as my misfortune.Being so good to me again you replaced and i recieved it till the end of feb.But again using for one month i.e. for March it again broke down in april and i have again send it to you.

Right EarPhone is not working...

I have purchased Skullcandy earphone in the month of January 2016 through a online website. Right earphone stopped working after 1 month only. It has a warranty of 1 year. How do i replace the earphone.

How can I fix it?

My skullcandy ear phone was bought 1 year ago and now the right ear piece of ear phone is not working... How can I solve this... Plz reply

about my skull candy in ear earphone

one side of my ear phone is not working properly, only one side is working properly
in january 22nd i orederd a ear phone from flipkart and in today's date its not working properly
the ear phone is in warrenty period, so tell me what i have to do????????????????

skullcandy earphones

skullcandy earphone was not working properly and it is in warranty of 6 buy that skullcandy earphone from flipkart on 26-october-2015.that skullcandy earphone code is DI125072.

Where can I find the service centre in Pune?

right earpiece is not working properly.The sound is cracking up!

Toll free number of customer care no response ,

Dear Sir,

I have brought a skullcandy head phone on 20 Feb 2015 from croma Pimpri Pune . Attaching the bill copy with this mail for your reference .
Your toll free number is also not working 18001023858. No response .
How do I claim my warranty.

where should i go when my earphone is under warranty and left side is not working?

i bought the earphone in july and it is under warranty but it's left side is not what should i do now

One side of the earpiece of the headphones is not working.

Right side earpiece of the ear headphone is not working. The sound does not come from it . although the other side is working. Please answer quickly in my mail .

Does a skullcandy headphone bought in canada have warrenty in india or not...?

I have a skullcandy headphone which i bought 5 monyhs back from canada.But now the are not working properly so does it come under the skull candy warranty or not.

Please reply asap

Left side earphone does not work

I bought skullcandy jib ear phone from snapdeal in April 2015 and now it's does not work please tell me service center in bhopal madhya pradesh

Replacement of skullcandy earphone

I purchased my skullcandy in ear earphone from one month ago. Since yesterday one of its speaker not producing any sound.. i want replacement of my earphone asap.. plss help me out

one ear only working of my skullcandy earphones

My skull candy green earphones is not working only one ear is working the other one is not working


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