repairs tp damaged pouch pad of tablet z1000

pl let me know the cost to replace touch pad,or alternate use by key pad

low memory space

when i have parches zync tablat . there some problem . company has told in tablat have 4 gb internal memory but i got only 2 gb
so i have contact service center he told s/w problem . but after 4 day he told problem is h/w
so plz chnge my tab / return my mony

connectivity problem

i have bought a zync tablet,
This tablet has a problem of connectivity with dongle (reliance),
It does not even connect with pc through usb cable.
Even battery back-up is too less.
Touchscreen is too resistive, hence becomes difficult to use.
Talking to customer care representative did not give any solution to the problems.

where is service center for zync tablet z909

i bought tablet z909 its has many problem like its cant open internet with 3g dongle (relaince tataphoton+)

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