No provision to cancel RAC ticket online after chart preperation. Indian Railways, Complaint

Dear Sir,

Following problems are there in irctc which need to be resolved:
1)Chart preperation details are displayed about two hrs before train departure.So if somebody from NCR wants to catch train then it is very difficult for him as it takes 2 to 2.5 hrs to board train at delhi stn if person is travelling fron noida ,gurgaon etc. not to speak of other distant places.
2)No provision is there to cancel an rac tkt online after chart preperation as old people and ladies travelling alone may not want to travel on rac tkt.
3) No option for Tkt in RAC is there for filing TDR and only option is passenger not travelled.
4)When you file TDR railways simply looks at chart and rep[lies - "as per chart passenger has travelled" if his name is there on chart and does not refund money,They dont even bother to check if the passenger ha actually travelled or not.
5)I faced the above problem(1-3) when i tried to cancell tkt PNR 214173xxxx ,doj 21.12.12. Chart position was displyed around 20.45 hrs for duranto delhi - allahabad whose departure was at 22.40 hrs and then it was not possible to cancell tkt online

Loss Amount: 
Rs.1 200

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