F&D Home Theater

F&D is well known for the good quality of entertainment products and of sales. The company offers wide range of home theater speaker with the superior quality of audio. It has achieved rapid growth and changes in the entertainment industry.

The company introduced F&D 5.1 home theater speakers, which available in two types as wall mounting and floor standing speakers. The ranges of speakers are in F1100U, F5090, F2000U, F3000U, F700U and D1061. These speakers are compatible and easily connected to VCD, TV, DVD, PC and other devices. The system also offers USB host for instant entertainment to enjoy music, video by simply connecting to USB port.
Fenda Audio (India) Pvt. Ltd.
21, Rama Road Ind. Area,
New Delhi – 110015.

Telephone: 1800 - 4255 – 546 (toll free), +91- 11 – 45020119.

Email: [email protected]

F&D Home Theaters Price in India 2012:

  • F&D 5.1 Speaker F-6000-Rs 6,499
  • F&D 5.1 Speaker A-83-Rs 8,499
  • F&D 5.1 Speaker D-1061-Rs. 2,449
  • F&D 5.1 Speaker F-5019-II-Rs. 6,299
  • F&D 5.1 Speaker System F-5030-Rs. 2,899
  • F&D 5.1 Speaker System F-5060C-Rs. 3,599
  • F&D F-700U 5.1 Speaker-Rs. 6,299
  • F&D – F900U-5.1 Home Theatre Speaker-Rs. 6,299
  • F&D 5.1 Speaker System F-634-Rs. 4,899
  • F&D 5.1 Speaker System F-621A-Rs. 4,599
  • F&D 5.1 Speaker System F-623-Rs. 2,999

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