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Rs.16,640 onwards

The LG Refrigerator is manufacture by LG electronics, which is a global electronics and Telecommunications Company and a part of LG Group. The companies manufacture home appliances, televisions, and telecommunications devices. The Home Appliances division includes products like refrigerators and washing machines. LG Refrigerators are available in different categories as LG side-by-side refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerators, french door refrigerators, top freezer refrigerators and with wide range of models, high quality and low prices. There is also a five door refrigerator of LG company is available in India which is of 483 liters.

LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd,
Plot No 51, Surajpur Kasna Road,
Greater Noida - 201306 (UP) India.

Telephone: 1800-180-9999 (Toll Free).

Email Address: Serviceindia[at]lge.com.

LG Refrigerators Price List in India 2012:

LG Side by Side Door Refrigerators Price:

  • LG GR-M267QGL-Rs. 165,670
  • GE GCE21LGYFSS-Rs. 121,650
  • LG GR-P247ULN-Rs. 107,140
  • LG GC-P227CW-Rs. 96,299
  • LG GC-B40BSSRJ-Rs. 77,690
  • LG GC-L217BTJV-Rs. 66,480
  • LG GC-L217BSJV-Rs. 66,480
  • LG GC-L217BPJV-Rs. 66,480
  • LG GC-B217BPJV-Rs. 62,770
  • LG GC-B217BSJV-Rs. 56,050
  • LG GC-B217BLJ-Rs. 54,330
  • LG GC-B217BLJ2-Rs. 54,330
  • LG GC-B217BTJV-Rs. 53,040
  • LG GC-B217FLC-Rs. 49,510

LG Single Door Refrigerators Price:

  • LG GL-245FEDG5- Rs. 16,640
  • LG GL-285FEG5-Rs. 16,490
  • LG GL-285FT5-Rs. 16,250
  • LG GL-245FDD5-Rs. 15,570
  • LG GL-285FM5-Rs. 15,210
  • LG GL-245FTD5-Rs. 15,120
  • LG GL-225FEDG5-Rs. 14,720
  • LG GL-225FADG5-Rs. 13,910
  • LG GL-205XFDG5-Rs. 13,430
  • LG GL-201XFDG5-Rs. 12,960
  • LG GL-205KADG5-Rs. 12,610
  • LG GL-205KMDG5-Rs. 12,010
  • LG GL-225FM5-Rs. 11,930
  • LG GL-205KMG5-Rs. 11,750
  • LG GL-201KADG5-Rs. 11,720
  • LG GL-201KMG5-Rs. 11,570
  • LG GL-201KMDG5-Rs. 11,310
  • LG GL-201KAG5-Rs. 10,920
  • LG GL-205KL5-Rs. 10,650
  • LG GL-201K5-Rs. 10,580
  • LG GL-205K5-Rs. 10,580

LG Double Door Refrigerators Price:

  • LG GL-408YEQG4-Rs. 34,090
  • LG GL-408YSQG4-Rs. 31,780
  • LG GL-368YSQG5-Rs. 31,190
  • LG GL-408YTQG4-Rs. 30,899
  • LG GL-368YEQG5-Rs. 29,440
  • LG GL-368YTQG4-Rs. 27,920
  • LG GL-368YVQG5-Rs. 26,399
  • LG GL-338VSX5-Rs. 25,960
  • LG GL-338VE5-Rs. 25,660
  • LG GL-338VE4-Rs. 25,640
  • LG GL-335VF4-Rs. 24,940
  • LG GL-335VV4-Rs. 24,190

LG Five Door Refrigerators

  • LG GC-B40BSSRJ-Rs. 77,690

LG Refrigerator Service

I purchased LG Refrigerator 4 years back. For the last 2 months it is not working, after so many complaints the service man visited and repaired but it is not working.After my last complaint they said some part has to be replaced, for which they have ordered.Even after 20 days no part is available.
Now they are telling there is no part available .LG company won't keep parts for a long time
ie for (4-5year) Please suggest me.
Before purchasing LG products I have to think
Service and availability of parts


Pathetic Response After sale(Refrigerator)


to LG, bcc: sagar
Pathetic Response After sale(Refrigerator)

This is regarding the LG Refrigerator that I bought on 08/11/09 From Jhankar Digital Plaza (Faridabad) for Rs.16500/- It worked fine for 6 month after creates problem several times, Suddenly Refrigerator occurs a cooling issue and then Refrigerator become unusable.

Lg refrigerator complaint

i have a lg refrigertator modal no GL-285FEG5(brought on 25/10/2011) . i have faced many problam from this product. in this refrigertator all vagitables are spoiled in 2 day. nd many problam faced.

LG Fridge complaint

Dear Team LG,
I purchased your new model LG refrigerators and a microwave in the month of March 2012.
A few weeks back it completely stopped working. I logged down the request with your customer service request no. 12061406196 with Mary on the 14th of June. She was kind and considerate. I did mention to her that I needed the mechanic at 1700hrs as I will not be at home thereafter.

LG Refrigerator GR526 not working

I own a LG double door Refrigerator model GR 526. Since 15th June 2012 the Refrigerator started giving problem (not cooling any more). We registered a complaint via help line (Ref RNA 120 615 038 614) on the same day 15th June. I reminded them again via the help line on 16th Jun'12 morning by another call around 9,30am pleading with an urgent help as we don't keep a stand by refrigerator at home. I was asked to contact Ms Pooja Mathur at 9811354152 which I did on 16th June'12 around 10am. Today is Sunday 17th June. I am writing this mail at 8,30am. No one from LG has turned up as yet.

Refrigerator Over Cooling

Subject: Refrigerator Problem
I have lodged complain about my refrigerator on 24-05-2012, request ID was RNA120524056105 and on 28-05-2012, request ID was RNA120528084740. I have also reminded on 30-05-2012 and 31-05-2012. But till now I have not received any response.

LG Double Door Refrigerator Service Center not Listening to my Complaint

I have a double door LG refrigirator. There is some problem gas is leaking and it is not cooling. So i registred compliant on friday(25/05/2012) and customer care persons told with in 24hrs will resolve the issue. Still no one attaend to resolve the issue. Keep on calling to the customer care but no use. Please do the needfull asap.I have experiance worst service by LG service center.

My complaint refernce no:RNA120525016913

LG Double Door Refrigerator Service Center not Listening to Complaint

I have some issues in LG Refrigrator for which i have called LG Customer care on Tuesday (22/05/2012) and a person from LG visited to my house on Wednesday (23/05). He told that the issue is with gas leakege in fridge and a person from LG will visit in 24 hours and he will fill the gas. No body visited till Friday Afternoon. My Wife then called LG customer care again and then she was again told that one person will visit again surely within next 24 hours and do the job.

LG Refrigerator is not chilling anymore

Our LG Refrigerator is giving us trouble, it is not chilling any more, Ice can not be formed.
The Local LG distributor is not giving any response to out requests and complaints.

The Distributor has not arranged a Mechanic. We purchased this Refrigerator 1.5 years ago and the problem started early on. Just in few days of purchase.

LG Refrigerator Problem

I Purchase the product of LG refigerator (270 ltr) from kharar ( Mohali, Punjab) in August 2011.

Number of times i register my complained for the product, they visit at home but no one satisfy about the product. two times they fill the Gas, one time auto cut change and one time they clear the pipe of gas circulation. but the result is same.

Refrigerator gives problem of Sounds like Cracker or flow of water in night. Some time Over cooling or No cooling. No cooling in the Lower Portion of refrigerator. Facing problem from last one year.

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