Orient Fans

Rs.1,200 onwards

Orient Fans is well now for fans and lighting solutions and products. Its fan product include ceiling fans, table fans, wall mounted fans, multi utility fans, Exhaust Fans. India’s leading brands in fans and lighting solutions. A household name for decades now, Orient is involved as larger manufacturers and exporter of fans in India. Its ceiling fans range are noiseless and are of elegant designed. Its ceiling fans include everything from high-speed fans, four blade fans, and decorative ceiling fans.

Orient Fans Price List in India 2012:

  • Orient Summer King-Rs 1300/-
  • Orient Hurricane-Rs 1300/-
  • Orient Gratia- Rs. 1200/-
  • Orient Quasar-Rs 2000/-
  • Orient Fantoosh-Rs 1300/-
  • Orient Subaris-Rs 1800/-
  • Orient Energy Star-Rs 1800/-
  • Orient Summer Delite Décor-Rs 1600/-

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