Sony Bravia LCD / 3D LED / Plasma HD TVs

Rs.34,104 onwards

The Sony Bravia LED and LCD TV are more popular in India. These are available at attractive prices and with X-reality features. Sony has also offered the Internet access by which you can access website, video, Skype, Facebook and Twitter right in comfort of your home. BRAVIA televisions offers the modern technologies like 3D TVs, full HD as well as Internet-enabled TVs.

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Telephone: 1800-103-7799 (Toll Free).

Sony TV New Price List in India 2012:

  • Sony 32 Inch Full HD LCD TV KLV 32CX420-Rs. 34104/-
  • Sony Bravia 55 Inch 3D Full HD LED TV KDL55HX925-Rs. 239800/-
  • Sony Bravia 3D 55 Inch LED TV KDL 55EX720-Rs. 125990/-
  • Sony BRAVIA 46 Inches 3D Full HD LED KDL46NX720 TV-Rs. 113509/-
  • Sony Bravia 46 Inch Full HD 3D LED TV KDL-46HX750-Rs. 99899/-
  • Sony BRAVIA 40 Inches 3D Full HD LED KDL40NX720 TV-Rs. 88773/-
  • Sony 46 Inch 3D Full HD LED TV KDL 46EX720-Rs. 85890/-
  • Sony 46 Inch Full HD LED TV KDL 46EX520-Rs. 77889/-
  • Sony 40 Inch 3D Full HD LED TV KDL 40EX720-Rs. 66890/-
  • Sony 46 Inch Full HD LCD TV KDL 46CX520-Rs. 61890/-
  • Sony Bravia 42 Inch LED TV KLV-42EX410-Rs. 57900/-
  • Sony 40 Inch Full HD LED TV KDL 40EX520-Rs. 57158/-
  • Sony 40 Inch Full HD LCD TV KLV 40BX420-Rs. 49240/-
  • Sony 32 Inch 3D Full HD LED TV KDL 32EX720-Rs. 48418/-
  • Sony 40 Inch Full HD LCD TV KLV 40NX500-Rs. 48043/-
  • Sony 40 Inch Full HD LCD TV KLV 40NX520-Rs. 47900/-
  • Sony 40 Inch Full HD LCD TV KLV 40CX420-Rs. 46882/-
  • Sony BRAVIA 40 Inches Full HD LCD TV KLV 40EX400-Rs. 46765/-
  • Sony BRAVIA 40 Inches Full HD LCD KDL40CX520-Rs. 43999/-
  • Sony BRAVIA 32 Inches Full HD LED KDL32EX520 TV-Rs. 39999/-
  • Sony BRAVIA 32 Inches HD LED KDL32EX420-Rs. 39900/-
  • Sony 32 Inch Full HD LCD TV KLV 32NX520-Rs. 36760/-

Sony Bravia TV problem in playing Videos

my tv is sony lcd bravia bx300 in this tv not support Videos of any type please help me how to let it support all Videos format

Worst Sony LED TV service in Hyderabad

I have purchased Sony Bravia 40 inches LED TV last year, It is still in warranty, The TV panel is faulty , the Sony authorized service center has replaced it with a refurbished panel and with in 24 hours the refurbished panel also got failed. I called the service center again, they came and picked up the TV on monday, its been 4 days , I have provided them necessory documents at the first time.

Sony Bravia 40HX750 vs 40NX720 vs 40HX720

Hey guys, can anyone tell me the difference between 40HX750 and 40NX720? i find most of them to be similar and the price too, does both convert 2d- to 3d?

How's Sony 40HX720? Can it play 3D content via an external media player(the inbuilt player supports only EX-FAT not NTFS)?

Connect Sony Bravia to Amplifier / AV Receiver / Home Theater with HDMI or Optical Cable

Hey, I've got a quick question. I want to plug my Bravia into my AMP for bigger sound. They're two rows at the back. From centre going to right, 1st Row, Yellow Red White, then another row with same colours and a few more sockets.

Or do I need to go HDMI or optical??

Disappointed with Sony Bravia HD 1080 (32 inch) Customer Service

Hello from a distressed customer. I am from Bangalore, India. Used to be a proud owner of a Bravia HD 1080 (32 inch) model until recently. Always held Sony in very high esteem when it came to customer service. But have been extremely disappointed in the last one week. I have been made to go from pillar to post in search of simple table top installation screws for my TV. No service center seems to have a solution and the noone bothers to pick up the phone call at the Sony India office (number provided by service center). What does one have to do to just find a simple installation solution?

Sony Bravia LCD TV Warranty

Do you take customer support & warranty seriously or is it just there for the sake of having it..??

Having contacted and left messages many times, I am not receiving attention or return for my Sony Bravia TV which is still in warranty.

The customer support manager Terrence at Singapore probably thinking we are at his mercy by not returning calls/emails.

Sony Bravia LCD TV Firmware Update Fail

Sony Bravia LCD TV's latest firmware update fail.

1. The guide now lists in 30 minute and 15 minute increments instead of 2 hours and 30 minute increments.
2. the favourites/history list still doesn't always manage to capture the previous channel in the list.

Also, could you please stop toying with the picture settings - every time I update firmware they are significantly altered, and so is my display.

Asus 3D Bluray HD Media Player with Sony Bravia 3D LED TV

Dear sir/Madam

I need help to buy asus 3d bluray hd media player,
1. whether the model has support for Sony Bravia 3D LED TV or not
2. Can I play CD/DVD/BD in this? if no pls suggest suitable model to play the same.
3. whether it supports 3D ?
4. Does it work as a Bluray player?
5. Where to buy this product in india?

Thanks and regards

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