USHA BRITA Water Filter

Rs.1,195 onwards

USHA BRITA offers water filters for use in coffee, vending machine, dishwashers and in drinking water. Their water purifier products are including in various size and in comfort design. Some of its product are as Marella XL Water Filter Jug which of volume 2 litrs, and Usha Brita 'WATERGUARD MAX which is of capacity of 25 litrs.

DDA Commercial Complex,
Ring Road, Naraina, New Delhi - 110 028.

Telephone: +91-11-45770800, 1800 110 990 (toll free).

Email: sales[at]

Kent Water Purifier Price List in India 2012:

  • Usha Brita Water Purifier-Rs1,195/
  • Usha Brita Space Saver Water Filter-Rs 1,195/-
  • Usha Brita Marella Water Filter Price – Rs. 1,295/-
  • Usha Brita RO Optima Price – 13,999/-
  • Usha Brita Waterguard UV Ultra Price–Rs. 5,999/-
  • Usha Brita Waterguard SF 620T-Rs 3,200/-
  • Usha Brita Waterguard Digital-Rs 8,999
  • Usha Brita Waterguard Ultra Plus Purifier-Rs 7,599/-
  • Usha Brita Water guard Offline 20L water filter-Rs 2,299/-
  • Usha Brita Waterguard Max-Offline water filter-Rs 2,999/-
  • Usha Brita Waterguard RO Prima Price–Rs.13,999/-
  • Usha Brita RO Fontana Water Purifier – Rs. 14,999/-
  • Usha Brita Waterguard Digital Price – Rs.9,099/-

Water tastes aweful

Dear Team,

I am using Usha Brita for the last 4 years. Recently my water filter was changed and since then the taste of the water has also changed. It tastes terrible. I have a mother in law who is 74 years old suffering from stomach issues since then along with me.

There was also some behavioural issue from the representative who serviced the filter. He cut the pipe in such a way that it keeps on leaking every time

Kindly take this up immediately. I am from Kolkata.

Unable to get Usha Brita water filter's cartridges

I am using usha brita water filter(water guard max)for quite a long time.I am putting up in Nagpur, Maharashtra. I am unable to get the water filter cartridges refill. Please let me know how i can get the same. Thanking u-narendra bansod

Where i will get your filter candle in pune. On pune satara road

its a problem to get the filter candle

Usha Brita RO not working and its employees are not listening

Usha Brita RO is not working I have filed complaint so many times but its employee did not rectified it properly and now they are refusing to solve the problem.

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