Usha Lexus Air Cooler

Rs.3,200 onwards

Usha Lexus provides wide array of air-cooling products and solution and keep environment cool and comfortable either at home or office.

It provide air cooler for domestic usage but also for commercial purposes like office rooms, shops and other such stores where people wish to save the electricity that Air conditioners consume.

The Usha Lexus PC2214A cooler has 3-speed blower, 15 liter water tank and can cool120 sq ft room. It also has water level indicator.

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Usha Lexus Air Cooler Price List in India 2012:

  • Usha Lexus PC2214A Personal Cooler- Rs. 3,200/-
  • Usha Lexus Oasis Air cooler-Rs. 4,999/-
  • Usha Dolphin Cooler PC2524A-Rs. 6,050/-
  • Usha Atlantic Surround DC2660A-Rs. 9,490/-
  • Usha Toofan Single Blower PC1515A-Rs. 5,290/-
  • Usha Personal Cooler PC2314A-Rs. 5,290/-
  • Usha Lexus Sameer-Rs. 7,699/-
  • Usha Super Breeze PC2540A-Rs. 5,750/-
  • Usha Lexus Sameer Jr Air cooler-Rs. 5,899/-
  • Usha Attlantic DC2560A Air cooler-Rs. 9,390/-
  • Usha Ajeet Double Blower RC1650A-Rs. 8,790/-
  • Usha New Cllasic Max DC2755A-Rs. 9,100/-

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