Whirlpool refrigerator

Rs.10,100 onwards

Whirlpool refrigerators are available in wide range across the globe these are make by energy efficient technology, which maintain cooling during power cut.

The side-by-side type refrigerator comes with different features such as 6th sense technology based, hot water dispenser, smooth control doors, 4 door balconies and fast freeze option.

M/s Whirlpool of India Ltd.
Whirlpool House
Plot No. 40, Sector 44,
Gurgaon – 122002
Haryana, India.

Telephone: 91-124-4591300, 1860-180-4558 (Toll Free).

Email: helpdeskindia[at]whirlpool.com.

Whirlpool Refrigerators Price List in India 2012:

Direct Cool Refrigerators Price:

  • Whirlpool Masterpiece 19 (180 Ltr)–Rs.10,100
  • Whirlpool Genius Royale (180 Ltr)–Rs.12,200
  • Whirlpool Genius Supreme (180 Ltr)–Rs.11,185
  • Whirlpool Genius Premier (180 Ltr)–Rs.11,475
  • Whirlpool Genius XL Premier (200 Ltr)–Rs.12,560
  • Whirlpool Genius XL Royale (200 Ltr )– Rs.13,280
  • Whirlpool Genius XL Premier (230 Ltr )– Rs.4,580

Frost Control Refrigerators Price:

  • Whirlpool Fusion 19 Supreme (180 Ltr)–Rs.13,005
  • Whirlpool Fusion 19 Premier (180 Ltr)–Rs.13,990
  • Whirlpool Fusion 21 Supreme (200 Ltr )–Rs.14,365
  • Whirlpool Fusion 21 Premier (200 Ltr)–Rs.14,075
  • Whirlpool Fusion 21 Royal VG (200 Ltr)–Rs.14,780
  • Whirlpool Fusion 24 Supreme (230 Ltr)–Rs.16,720
  • Whirlpool Fusion 24 Premier (230 Ltr)–Rs.15,375
  • Whirlpool Fusion 24 Royal VG (230 Ltr)– Rs.16,700
  • Whirlpool Fusion 27 Supreme (260 Ltr) – Rs.16,175
  • Whirlpool Fusion 27 Royal DG (260 Ltr)–Rs.17,778
  • Whirlpool Fusion 27 Premier (260 Ltr)–Rs.19,025
  • Whirlpool Fusion Maxigerator (310 Ltr)-Rs.19,800

complain against whirlpool refrigerator

I have purchased my whirlpool refrigerator in April, 2013 from Ruchi electronics Indira Nagar but its not working properly since august and i have complaint for three times but my fridge is not getting replaced again and again though giving poorest service.

replacement of falp of chill tray

The flap of my chill tray is bro9ken. I want its replacement. Where can I get it. Can it be delivered at home. My refrigerator size is 350 ml.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Warranty is a Fluke

We bought a Whirlpool refrigerator 2 years ago, now the Whirlpool refrigerator doesn't work any move, we called the whirlpool Customer care, they checked the refrigerator and said, "Gas need to be filled" it's a manufacturing defect, and the most shocking thing he added is, we got to pay 3000 bucks.

We still have 3 years warranty and the person who came to service is demanding 3000 rs, it is totally not fair, if it is a manufacturing defect, it is the company who has to tweak it. It's shocking that we customers have to pay for some glitch made by the company?

Whirlpool refrigerator - pathetic service

I have a whirlpool refrigerator and have a problem. I have been trying to fix it since march 2012.

The service engineer mr. Yyyy khan came in mar. He did not even touch the fridge but sold a stabiliser.

Again when I called because the problem was not fixed one mr. Xxx came. Again he also did not even touch the fridge but said everything is fine. Innumerable calls after that did not help.
now in jun, after couple of calls they came and said that the compressor has failed.

It's been 5 days and still it has not been fixed.

Denied Repair of 310ltr Whirlpool Refrigerator

I bought a double door refrigerator which are warranty of 7 years & from the month of february, 2012 got a fault in the refrigerator which are under warranty (not cooling) but service centre of dwarka, new delhi– they are not repairing it saying that we are trying but problem not traceable. (service centre name – dwarka, new delhi)…request u to please look into this matter & do the need full on top priority regds yogesh 09810820122

No response of Refrigerator complaint no. Del2905120790 dated 29.05.2012

Dear Sir,

We purchased 130Ltr Refridgerator from True Link Enterprises (D-15, Mohan Singh Market , Sector-6, R.K.Puram on 8.8.2011.

After purchasing the same in the year 2011 it created problem in cooling within two month of purchase, we lodged our complaint and we are very thankful to your after sales service because they attended our complaint and resolved it.

Whirlpool service - Fraudulent & lowest quality

I registered a complaint regarding low cooling with whirlpool cust care. Whirlpool's inexperienced and untrained technician came from Dwarka, Delhi service center and destroyed my working fridge. They are only trained to replace parts and not to get the item working. First one technician replaced the timer +2 parts for the defrost to start working. I asked him to confirm the settings so he wouldn’t have to come again. He assured me that there’ll be no complaint and took full payment.

Fraudulent charge for fixing a complaint by Whirlpool

I have a 165litre single door fridge in which there was low cooling.For this above complaint no Dl0612003384 was given.Mr Ajay from whirlpool came & said that gas is choking & Rs 1800 will be the charge for fixing this problem & then fridge will work normally.I paid rs 1000 as advance , gas was filled by another person after two days & he took balance rs 800.But after 1 day I saw cooling was even less, I recomplained & got complaint no Dl0612011371.There engineer again visited & now he is telling your freezer is puncture & Rs 1400 charge has to be given again.

Recurrence of problem within a month of service

I was made to pay an amount of Rs.225/- as visiting charges. This is baffling. I was made to pay for the same job twice and for the incompetence of your personnel. The first call was done by this same gentlemen, Sanjoy Dutta, for which a visiting charge had been paid earlier. Then comes your tech guy, who does a Gas Charging and drier change etc. He charges Rs.1000/-, which had been paid to him. Now my problem does not get solved, I re-complain. You send your guy, and I am made to pay his visiting charges again.

Leakage of Air From Upper door in Whirlpool Refrigerator

I have purchased 3 door Whirlpool refrigerator (Model No. 240 LTR Protton Dix) from whirpool on 28/09/2011.

Totally dissatisfied with whirlpool refrigerator

I had purchased this refrigerator on 2004 (FF 350 ELITE ) for Rs 26,000/-

On 2006, refrigerator stopped working and the companies technician changed the compressor of my refrigerator.
And after that till now all summers i am face the cooling problem for which the company technician comes after a repeated calls and changes some parts.

Whirlpool Fridge is not cooling and no response even after 3 complaints

I have purchased a double door refrigerator on 20th nov 2011 of whirlpool, the refrigerator is having the cooling issue due to faulty doors. Already 3 complaints have been registered with whirlpool, however no resolution has been provided so far.

This is really very disgusting that a company which claims to be world class and providing this kind of faulty products and this much of worst service.

Amit Bhardwaj

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