regarding non issue of renewed cards Universal Sompo General Insurance, My Health Insurance policy no. 2817/50610617/02/800 Complaint

I have an saving account in IOB at CGO complex in New Delhi, bearing ac/no. 34913. Only through this bank I opt for a health insurance which is continuing since last two years.I am having a horrible experience because of this bank. Normally what happens that any other institutions dealing in health insurance starts conveying you about the expiry of the your policy one months prior so that your amount may deducted timely and you get your renewed policy without any delay. This is the only bank where customer has to give in writing to the branch reminding them about expiry of the policy and requesting them to deduct the admissible amount so that one could get his renewed policy on time but on that this bank does not deduct the amount and due to this kind of attitued of this bank I got my policy one month after the expiry.
Why I am writing to you is that all the time I used to get new cards pertaining to me and my family member but this time I did not get any.When I inquired about my new cards I received a phone call that my previous year card will be treated as new one but when my colleague Mr. Deepak Pathak renewed his policy this year he was issued new card. Please clarify me in this concern in writing or by email so that I could have some proof or issue me the new card agianst my renewed policy no.2817/50610617/02/800 at its earliest.

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