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My cars register on my daddy's name was send for service and repairs to ambition automobile ( bhandup ) on 7th november 2011 due to accidental case. My car name is Scorpio and number is MH02 AL 3552 register on the name of ganpatraj j jain . But the regretment is that from that date till now i have send my car atleast more than 10 times for service and have paid lots of money. But still my car is not working it is not starting and when i call the service centre person who handle the matters Mr deepak , Mr fahim they say there is another problem and you have to pay more for service. Every time when i send my car to service centre they ask me to pay for any or any else thing and still my car is not working as i have paid for each and everything and still they have not provided me any service. Every time they charge me for pickup and drop facility. after paying so much money they even charge me for each and every thing. and most important part they have charged me 50 % labour charge and then also they are not providing me any service.

so please at your best look forward to my complaint as soon as possible at your best.

and kindly revert us as soon as possible as our car is not working.

contact us on

ms ruchita ganpatraj jain

thanking you

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You can send a legal notice to them asking for compensation as they have charged for service which actually is not provided by them.

Contact me on 856183738

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