Worst service from logitech letsbuy.com, Logitech G400 mouse Complaint

i ordered a logitech G400 gaming mouse on 21 feb 2012 got delivery on 29th feb 2012...... it was a faulty piece as there are many faulty pieces of this mouse as reported on Internet and its being named a bugged version of Logitech mouse.... n the company is well aware of this bugged version... within a month this mouse stopped working properly it automatically gets disconnected n connects back with in 5 secs...... i checked all parts of my cpu tried different mouse they worked well changed drivers still this problem was there tried this mouse on different computer still this problem was there......

I have complained about this on logitech support forum they havnt replied yet :/ i took my mouse to the local logitech service center he checked my mouse for 5 minutes and he said its working fine take it back....... as i bought it from letsbuy.com i called them because it was under 45 days replacement warranty from letsbuy.com they said me to get a DOA (dead on arrival) certificate from a logitech service center.. when i askd for the same at service center of logitech they said they wont provide any certificate...now m really pissed off i want help.. plzz help me :|bhopa;

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Rs.1 600

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I am also facing the same problem, i ordered logitech g400 mouse from letsbuy.com. It worked pretty well for the first month, but after than it keeps on disconnecting randomly, i've tried to debug it but the problem seems to be of the hardware itself.

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